The State of Equity

October 29-30, 2020

We're all feeling the ominous weight of this upcoming election. It's weighing down your teams, families, and society. It's the most important election cycle in our lifetimes.

At the end of the day, despite who's in office in 2021, we still have work to do to ensure equity in our industry. Join Mark Read, Fernando Machado, Imani Barbarin, Sereena Abbassi  & more!

Event Details

It's time we held

everyone accountable

The Manifesto

Words have power. In light of current events, the advertising industry has written a lot that encourages more inclusive practices. Cute, but the executions needed work.

What impactful change will happen in a system that has been owned, operated and sustained without authentically embracing the voices or presence of black, people of color, women, disabled, and non-binary communities?

Language is not enough for the radical shift necessary for a truly equitable industry. Leading by example requires action: sacrificing ego, trusting the diverse voices around us, and not wavering from our position for financial gain.

This is what’s behind our Allyship and Action Pledge: a commitment to transparency with a common, core code we use every time we enter into our business transactions. With this pledge, we plan to deepen the bonds necessary for our businesses to last for generations to come.

When we’re unified in mindset and action, teams build better and more sustainable outcomes and products. For consumers. For clients. For our employees. For society.

We’re seeking member organizations who truly believe in sustainable, scalable change. We are seeking organizations who want to be proud of the dynamic, rich cultures, every pronoun and shade, and most importantly —— equity for all.

Don’t just commit to a post when actions speak louder. Commit to systemic change. Pledge today:

A&A Certification

The A&A has THREE parts:

  1. Commit to transparency and publicly showcase your workforce diversity on our platform.

  2. Source vendors / contractors that commit to transparency within their organization and contractors using our platform.

  3. Collectively work towards growing the percentage of diversity across your team, projects and campaigns.

Who is this for

Production companies

What this looks like

Organizations working with vendors that have also taken the A&A certification.

Vendors (Agencies, etc.) that have taken the pledge and are working with organizations to actively work towards diversity goals.

Together we make this industry honest and human.

how it works


Identify internal A&A lead/team to drive the commitment


Sign up, provide details on your organization, pay on-boarding and maintenance fee


Post your projects and staffing plans (internal + external)


A&A will validate your internal staff and project’s team identities

What we’ll share


Showcase projects (evergreen/campaigns) & staffing plans on our platform.


Showcase company workplace diversity stats with category/industry ranking.


Provide resources and support to engage BIPOC, LGBTQ+, chronically ill/disabled communities.


We’re committed to designing a system that:


Creates equity in our industry


Establishes systems of transparency


Providing industry insights and analysis on how our industry is changing for the better or worse


Recognizing projects and people and the companies supporting them with dignity.