htf did we start A&A?

In the wake of George Floyd, Nate Nichols, Steffi Behringer, Bennett Bennett, Leslie Collin & Aimee Brodbeck came together to talk about the lack of diversity in the community and how the advertising industry/media plays a key role in systemic racism. The people wanted to leverage our experiences, vulnerabilities, talent and privilege to help.

The question left on the table: What if they started tough conversations in the industry about racism? Better yet, what if the industry was held accountable to change and elevate marginalized communities.

We have two pillars:

The Summit Series

A program that gathers voices to have tough conversations about racism and discrimination in the industry through experiences, education and goals. 

The State of Equity is our annual tent pole event in Q4, it is a gathering of industries for annual planning and development around anti-racism and designing equitable industries. 

If you’d like to produce a Allyship & Action Summit within your corporation, please contact us.

Nate Nichols
Steffi Behringer
Bennett Bennett
Aimee Brodbeck
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